Therapy looks different for everyone and is unique to your needs, personality, concerns, and strengths.

You might have a very specific issue you would like to work on.

You might be going through a major life change that has knocked you off course and you need help getting back on your feet.

You might have a general dissatisfaction with how things are going lately and want to dig deeper to figure out what is causing your distress.

Or things might be going well but you know they could be even better.

Whatever you bring into the therapy room, we will meet you at the beginning and stay by your side until you’ve found your way forward to your best life.

About Dr. Laura Linebarger, PsyD

Being curious and asking why is a defining quality of mine. I was never satisfied with a surface answer. Complex interactions and connections are what capture and hold my attention.

That’s why people and their lives end up being so interesting to me. There are so many different ways to live and the choices we make give us endless possibilities.

Therapy needs to be practical. Change needs to have meaningful steps that we both understand.

We start with simply raising awareness in your life. That’s enough to begin sorting out facts from perceptions. Patterns emerge as we uncover truths and determine objective reality. You’ll see them in yourself, in others, and in your relationships.

I’m active and authentic in our sessions, validating what’s real and empowering you to see the whole picture.

This provides you with a direction towards what you can change – even when the situation and players stay the same. This internal sense of control is more accurate and powerful. It takes away hopelessness and instills relief.

You become an active changemaker in your life.

Gradually, your confidence builds and you trust your own judgement over others. Reflecting back, you see the best perspectives, answers and knowledge are found first within yourself.

I’m an engineer’s daughter and have lived around the country and abroad. A native southerner, I’ve called Chicago my home for years with my partner, tween stepsons, and our pound puppies, Penny and Oliver.

I hold a BA in Psychology with a minor in Philosophy from Texas State University and a Doctorate in Clinical Psychology from the Illinois School of Professional Psychology. I’m diversely trained and experienced in clinical settings and with adult clients as well as a published author and speaker, graduate professor, and startup entrepreneur.

My current interests are with contemporary men’s issues and healthy masculinity, ADHD symptom management, and substance and behavioral addictions.

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