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It usually starts with someone else noticing the symptoms:

You’re always late.
You’re always losing things!
Why are you so disorganized? Chaotic? Crazed?
Are you paying attention to me?
You’re so ADD!
Why can’t you __________?

Maybe this is your spouse. Maybe this is your child. Maybe this is you.

You may have internalized some ideas about yourself because this has been going on for a long time. Since childhood, really. Skipping ahead without reading the directions (because who has time for that?), winging it every single day, flying by the seat of your pants.

You always feel like you’re a step behind everyone else.

This may even lead into spirals of depression, anxiety, low self-esteem. You may secretly think poorly of yourself and try to hide certain things.

Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is really a misnomer.

Those with ADHD don’t have a deficit of attention, they have so much of it.

Your brain works faster than you’re able to direct it. You have a fast, Ferrari brain with junky, Yugo brakes. It’s hard to slow down a fast car if you don’t have the proper equipment or tools!

We specialize in ADHD education and empowerment.

We work with adults, adolescents, and parents to tame and harness the inner energy, foster the natural creativity, and find the best environmental fit for those with ADHD in a variety of settings.

We provide individualized and practical suggestions that you are actually able to implement and that make meaningful differences in your life.

We can make a plan. You can heal. You can thrive.

Please give us a call today or use the contact form below to send an email. We are ready to help.

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