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EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing) is a revolutionary treatment for trauma and painful experiences. It is one of the most widely studied treatments for trauma and PTSD, and has been found to have astonishing success rates in very little time.

When we experience a traumatic event that is not properly processed, our brains are injured. This injury distorts our perceptions and feelings about ourselves and the world around us. It can interfere with our ability to manage stressful events and situations, form meaningful connections with others, or experience contentment and joy. The injury often leaves us in emotional distress, fearful, anxious, angry, or disconnected. Traditional talk therapy can help heal this injury, but oftentimes the injury makes traditional talk therapy rather ineffective.

EMDR is a completely different approach to healing the injury left behind by trauma. This integrative approach accesses the unprocessed memory and guides the brain in properly processing it. Once it is processed, the injury can rapidly heal, and the vast majority of individuals are relieved of the distressing symptoms and PTSD. The painful memory becomes just another memory.

In addition to being extremely effective for treating trauma, EMDR is also very effective in the treatment of phobias, grief and loss, anxiety, and panic attacks.

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