LGB, Queer & Trans* Issues, and Non-Traditional Relationships

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LGB, Queer & Trans* Issues, and Non-Traditional Relationships

At the Wilmette Counseling Center, we are supportive and affirming of the queer community in all of its forms.  Our definition of ally-ship is an ever evolving concept.  We believe that even if we identify as queer, it doesn’t mean that we understand every queer person’s experience.  It is our mission to be respectful of all identities and ways of life and to always strive to understand each individual’s experience.

Sexual Orientation (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Queer, Asexual, Pan, Demi, Fluid)
Love is love

You will not have to educate our clinicians on what life is like with your sexuality.  We keep on top of the contemporary ways our clients identify.  You will also not have to explain your particular culture, experiences, choices, or experiences.  We get it.  Questioning your sexuality?  Come talk to us; we’ll give you the space to explore your thoughts.

Transgender Folks (Non-binary, Bigender, Fluid, Agender, Genderqueer)
Helping you be fully you

Our philosophy is that mental health clinicians should not unduly restrict people from managing their own bodies as they see fit.  Unfortunately, the medical community does not always agree with us.  To that end, we do our best to smooth the process of receiving services for trans*, genderqueer, non-binary, and gender fluid clients.  We are qualified and experienced to write mental health letters and other assorted documentation to support hormone therapy, top and/or bottom surgery, legal name and gender marker changes, safe passage, and any other required hoops.

Kink Culture and Poly Relationships
Playing off the beaten path

Our clinicians are accepting of all expressions of consensual sexual desire and behavior between adults.  This includes kink play such as BDSM, D/s, and other various practices as well as open relationships and polyamorous relationships and families.  We have experience with beginners exploring the concepts of kink or open relationships all the way to assisting clients in these relationships navigate communication ethically, skillfully, and artfully to achieve the satisfying connections and experiences. Click here to read educational commentary by Grinnell College about various kink subcultures (NSFW).

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