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Trauma can have a devastating impact.

Traumatic experiences that are not properly processed can impact nearly every aspect of an individual’s functioning and result in PTSD. Intrusive thoughts. Avoidant behavior. Anxiety. Depression. Fear. Anger. These symptoms can cripple an individual.

While it may feel overwhelming and hopeless at times, therapy can be extremely effective in treating PTSD. We work to reprocess the traumatic experience or experiences to help you heal.

Trauma does not have to define your future.

We specialize in the treatment of trauma and PTSD in both adolescents and adults. Taking a holistic approach to trauma, we will help you understand how the trauma interacted with your past experiences and impacted your view of yourself, others, and the world. The goal of our work together is to help you reprocess and integrate the traumatic experience, lessening your symptoms and freeing yourself from its hold.

You can get unstuck. You can move forward. You can heal.

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